Saturday, April 12, 2008

LOVE is not a four letter word

Care is a word, a four letter word
It can make you soar on the wings of a bird
If care is the soul, then love is the heart
Two sides of a coin, they are slightly apart

Hope is a word, a four letter word
The most wonderful thing you ever heard
If hope brings peace, then love springs joy
Both merging into life giving alloy

Kiss is a word, a four letter word
Two lips touch while their hearts roar
If kiss is the thread, then love is the quilt
For many a kiss may not love build

Dare is a word, a four letter word
It can capture the warrior and the nerd
If dare is on earth, then love floats above
For you may love to dare but not dare to love

Love is not a word, not a noun nor a verb
It is but life’s most precious herb
To love is to give, to hold and to free
All of one’s being to another’s eternity


Anonymous said...

im a 16 year old girl and i love your poems!
you are wonderful,
may all good things come you way!!

the Geekie said...

beautiful writ

Anonymous said...

very well put