Monday, April 14, 2008

Divine Gift

Poetry is like a good friend
Both, heaven sent.


jasravee said...

Dr Preeti.
Would want to inform you...somethig you have suspected always....that you have a definite authoress hiding in you.

And that you are courageous for taking on life and being willing to thats wondrous !!

Keep going.
Will meet you often; here .

BTW. Me all charged up about starting my own blog.

Dr. Preeti Sharma said...

Thanks Ravee. Courageous - I'm still working on it, but enjoying the journey. Please start yours soon, we'll meet for a virtual chai over our writing :)

Nandita said...

short and sweet :)

Dr. Preeti Sharma said...

Am told the better you get at writing, the fewer words you need to tell the story.

slo said...

That's about the shortest yet most profound blog post I've ever seen....went through your blog....brilliant work! Good luck and keep writing!

And thanks for keeping my blog counter busy too. Do peep into it when you can find time. It's always nice to strike new friendships over the written word!


Dr. Preeti Sharma said...

That's so sweet, thanks Slo. Profound...I like it :-)