Saturday, April 12, 2008

Goodbye Old Year

Another year gone, only memories remain
What I saw and what I heard will never come again,
Like leaves floating on air, it’s there and then it’s gone
The old year has just decided to move on.

The skin is the same and so is the hair
The sight is as bad. No, no improvement there.
The smile is as wide, the waist is as lean
There is no sign of age, no more than last year.

Relationships have changed, some grown, some died
My heart has rejoiced, it has loved, it has cried.
All this has now passed, now wrapped in a thought
to be stored somewhere safe and thus not forgot.

Some new friends have come and left with a smile
Most old friends are around, they’ll stay for a while
They know what’s important and hence I am told
“Baby it’s not you, but the year that's grown old”.

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