Tuesday, July 1, 2008

the mind vs. destiny

destiny is muscled, sinewy and strong

plowing through best laid plans

unheeding to what the soul wants

erect and unweilding it stands

but my mind has a mind of it's own

more fierce and willful than fate's hand

it knows my heart which destiny ignores

and i know life will always be grand

for as fate pulls and shoves with might

the mind fights tooth and nail

both may be matched in strength and wrath

but my mind will rarely fail


Dez said...

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Preeti Sharma said...

Dez - Hey, I'm actually already on Caferati. I didn't realise that you were a member. Thanks for the link to your blog.

mathew said...

crisp and yet poignant piece..
its a battle between where destiny seems to be always the winner..isnt?